WORKSHOP : Mobility & Movement

Un team de professionnels pour vous aider à réaliser votre quête

WORKSHOP : Mobility & Movement


Friday, January 31th, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Sport Quest, Av. Henri Dunant 13, Plainpalais

Mobility & Movement
Workshop @sportquestgeneva
Friday, January 31th 2020

➡️To understand the « joint by joint » approach of M.Boyle
➡️To know the interest of FMS screening
➡️To learn the basics routine to keep up your body functioning

Why and how to move better & often ?

To perform better off course but not only ! Simply to live better !

“Before you can move like an athlete, you must be able to move like a human”

With :
Msc S&C / FMS 1&2 / BlackRoll Trainer / Olympic Weightlifting Coach

Price :
– Workshop : 50.-
– Test FMS : 80.- (optional) on appointement

Registration : or 022 320 65 65


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