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Price (chf) South East West North
10 sessions prepaid card 390.-
3 months 390.-* 590.-* 850.-
6 months 690.-* 1090.-* 1590.-
12 months 1190.-* 1990.-* 2990.-

* For corporate rates or for students contact us

Qulitop - Qualicert


South East West North
Centre Access, free practice 7h30-11h30 14h-17h30 unlimited unlimited
Functional assessment
Metabolic assessment
Training program

Group training (from 6 to 12 people)

South East West North
Synrgy Speed
Synrgy Strength
Synrgy Coordination
Cycling "Break"
Cycling Outdoor Optional Optional Optional Optional
Haltéro Tech Force (HTF)
Fight Conditioning
Boxing Spirit
CTA Stretching
Urban Running
Stade Running
CTA Strength
CTA Endurance
CTA Running
CTA Tennis
CTA Surf - Paddle
CTA Cross Training
CTA Fight

Small Group Training (5 people)

South East West North
Qi Gong Optional Optional
Yoga Optional Optional
Pilates Optional Optional

Private classes (upon request)**

South East West North
Personal training 140 130 120 110
Duo training 140 140 140 140
Group training 160 160 160 160
Outdoor montain guide

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Quest packs Smooth Running Bike outdoor PDG 2016
Price (chf) 590.- from 590.- Contact us from 650.-
VMA test
Planning: Programme of three months or more
Course entry
Cycling trips
Skiing preparation trips
Qi Gong
CTA Stretching
Specific ski courses
Specific running courses

* For corporate rates or for students contact us
** Physical training, Yoga, Pilates, Boxing, Self défense, BJJ, Running tech, Cycling outdoor, Dance / floor gym

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The Quest

Discover our quests if you are seeking to improve the practice of a specific sport
A high level team

With SPORT QUEST, our renowned professionals will be there to support your workout and your fitness goals

Quests for everyone

From the smoothest to the toughest, we will help you accomplish your own quest, adapted to your desires and your fitness level

A groundbreaking concept

Speed, Strength, Coordination, and Good Health so all our clients achieve perfect balance in their fitness programme

A unique space

A centre designed to prepare on the inside what you seek to achieve on the outside: Sport Quest expands the playing field

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