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Sport Quest Geneva

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Four sports professionals created SPORT QUEST, out of a passion for accompanying their clients in their endeavours and communicating to them the true beauty of training.

Their concept is not only about the pleasure of practicing sports, but also about what training can bring to each individual. It is about choosing a personal quest and realising goals thought to be inaccessible until now.

In this training centre lies a new world, where the human and technical approaches have the highest standard and can help one achieve his quest.

Here, the main source of inspiration and motivation – the being, fuels the body.

Sport Quest Geneva

/ Speed, Strength, Coordination, Health

These are the fundamental pillars and essential qualities upon which we all rely, be it to practice sports, improve performance or simply exercise for pleasure.

The SPORT QUEST training method is unique in its approach. It is designed to be functional and cater for all, to help individuals find the right balance in their endeavour.

The three pillars can be developed individually or through group work, by performing specific exercises and activities. The classes offered inside and outside SPORT QUEST are interrelated, thus allowing individuals to stay on target with their sport project.

For example, one can find interval training in the Speed pillar, core training in the Strength pillar, and Yoga in the Coordination pillar, the goal there being to tone-up posture, and improve gestures to move more efficiently.

The training facilities are built around these three pillars and are adapted according to the classes programmed for the individual’s needs, pertaining to his project.

A Health complex completes the 3 pillars, offering related care and services for the training.

A high level team

With SPORT QUEST, our renowned professionals will be there to support your workout and your fitness goals

Quests for everyone

From the smoothest to the toughest, we will help you accomplish your own quest, adapted to your desires and your fitness level

A groundbreaking concept

Speed, Strength, Coordination, and Good Health so all our clients achieve perfect balance in their fitness programme

A unique space

A centre designed to prepare on the inside what you seek to achieve on the outside: Sport Quest expands the playing field

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